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My Story... Or When Fate Steps in!
 When I was a little girl, I used to go to visit my grandmother.
Because I was the youngest of the grandchildren, and she was a bit older, she was always looking for ways to keep me busy and occupied and sewing was just the thing.  At the time, I was in love with Barbie, however, because of Barbie's curvatious qualities, we decided to sew for Skipper, Barbie's younger sister.  We bought patterns and lots of remnant fabrics and off we went.  I made every combination of fabrics and patterns, dresses, pants, skirts, ponchos, coats,  you name it...I was happy as a clam!
 Now, Fast Forward 32 years.  I'm turning 40, and I have my very own 7 year old daughter.  I have a big corporate job, making good money.  Only one problem..Nannies are raising my daughter! Something had to change, so this is when Fate stepped in!
 I wanted to change the buttons on a cardigan sweater to dress it up, (I do that), so I went to Jo-Ann Fabric.  The Costa Mesa store did not have what I wanted so I ventured on to the Huntington Beach store.  I found my buttons, and as I am checking out at the register, I spot a Neon Pink Flyer that reads: "Teach Kids To Sew."  I stood there, thinking to myself, I could do that, I love to sew and I love kids.  I asked if I could have the flyer, and I immediately contacted the ladies who had developed the program.  As it turned out, they were affiliated with Simplicity Pattern Company.
For three years, I worked with their program, using their patterns and teaching methods.  Then one day, I decided it was time to develop my own program.  They gave me their blessing and I was on my way.
 My Sewing School changed my life.  I had the freedom to work in my daughters classroom, and spend more quality time with her.  Now, she is in Law School, so I think that she turned out pretty good.  
 I have met the most wonderful people and all my best friends have either sewn with me or I had their children as students!
 I have been sewing for 50 years with 18 years experience in teaching sewing.
 So, come join the Fun!Let me teach you something you will never forget!
              Love,   Lisa Mayer
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