Angel Threads Sewing School
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Sewing Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

My name is Lisa Mayer and I am the owner and creator of Angel Threads Sewing School.  My goal is to make learning to sew a fun and enriching experience!  Some students will love sewing enough to become lifetime enthusiasts.  I have been sewing since my beloved grandmother taught me at age 8, and I still love it! 
I have many students that have used the skills that they learned at Angel Threads Sewing School to enable them to go on into careers in Fashion Designing.

Our classes are limited to four to five students, so that each student will receive the attention that he o
r she deserves to complete every project.  Sewing takes practice, so the more experience your student has sewing, the more his or her sewing skills will improve.  Sewing teaches so many useful skills: patience, creativity, spatial development, geometry, sense of style and a good dose of common sense.  If a student makes a mistake, which does happen, we teach them to laugh it off, fix it and go on.

About Us
I founded Angel Threads Sewing School in 1994 with a handful of eager students.  Having no resources in our education system for a sewing curriculum, I recognized a need for teaching this useful skill.  Sewing is a life skill that enhances patience and creativity, while instilling a sense of accomplishment.

Small class size and individual attention is the winning combination for teaching students the basics of sewing.  Students select their own projects and fabric, and provide all necessary materials.  Each student works both independently and as a team member with the class.  Because of small class sizes, I can easily monitor the progress of each student to advance him or her accordingly.

Angel Threads has classes for boys and girls, starting at age 7. Beginning and intermediate adult classes are also offered.  Students learn to cut and follow patterns while learning to sew on sewing machines as well as hand sewing.  I provide the sewing machines for use in class.   

Although I am open to most creative projects, I do reserve the right to keep them within the student’s skill level.  I help beginning and intermediate students select sewing projects that are fun, rewarding and can be completed in a timely manner.
My Motto is- "The World is What You Make it. If it doesn't fit make alterations."

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